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Why Natural Health?

Because it can actually work - If you choose to embrace it.  I am so happy to share an ancient system of natural health with you.  My intention is that you be pleasantly surprised that caring for yourself can be such a pleasurable experience and that the effects can be so gentle and such a relief.  All the experiences I offer support your own self-healing: yoga, meditation, touch and oil therapy, health counseling.

The transformative nature of Ayurveda comes from attuning with the way things really work: your body, your mind, the rhythms of of the day, the seasons, the world around you, the consequences of actions.  Ayurveda is a coming home to what you already know, deep in your soul, deep in your bones, a way to safeguard your health and ability to thrive.

Ayurveda is a lifestyle of holistic, preventative health care birthed in Indian. Today, it is based on 5000 years of experience.   Education includes practices such as diet, lifestyle, herbs, yoga, meditation, color therapy, sound,  therapies using oil..

The Health Consultation package includes a personalized tea and spice mix - both aid digestion and foster balance in your body, your life.  Additionally, short-term use of herbal formulas may address deeper patterns of imbalance, clearing the way for your body to reestablish its own wisdom and functioning.  Ayurvedic therapies address digestion, the senses, and clarity of mind.  These therapies clear pathways for movement of energy and bring relief, joy, and ease.  Ayurvedic therapies shift attention from what is not working, what doesn't feel right, to experiencing your true nature and your unique expression of engagement with all of life!

Ayurveda means "longevity knowledge." I'd love to share Ayurveda with you.