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What People are Saying ~

"Well, Kathy - I feel so much better! (Warm oil over back.)" CS

"The oil just really helps the stiffness. I want to schedule often enough so it doesn't come back." JV

"That was so personal, the hands & the face. (Abhyanga)" HL

"I'm in love with that one! (body therapy: Abhyanga)" MB

"That was amazing. (Marma)" CL

"Yoga has made me tune into parts of my body I thought I had no connection to.  To be able to feel energy flow thru my body where I do not have traditional feeling is amazing. Yoga has giving me a glimpse into the able bodied world." RR

"Mentally it gives me an hour to focus on nothing else but breathing and what my body is feeling and what I can feel from my body. Taking this class is one of the best things I have ever done for me. It sounds selfish but it is true."  RR

"Our healing session appears to have helped my body switch back on to being able to self heal. I am walking better than I have for the past 7 months or so. Much gratitude," HW

"I was trying to figure out what was different.  You introduced things a bit at a time.  I had time to feel. Ahhhh. I wasn't sitting there wondering if I could do the next thing. Thank you so much." LW

"I really look forward to Chair Yoga on Mondays!  It's the perfect combination of movement and relaxation and is easy on my joints.  Kathy is a great instructor- knowledgeable, soothing and able to help us get the most out the hour."  Thank you for making this available at the Senior Center!" JM

"You have such a gentle caring presence, which carries over onto your CD." M

"I just want to thank you again for a great class!  I went away from class with some new "moves" to work on to free up my shoulder!  Over the course of a few years, sometimes you forget some of the basics that make all the difference in the world!!   See you tomorrow evening!" DM

"Excellent & inspiring!"DL