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Wellness Education
Sifting through all the advice out there is tough. To schedule a Wellness Education session, email me at

Wellness Education Session
90 minute Starter Session $150.
45 minute Check-in $80.
5-minute free.

 Whether you are raising a family, dealing with the effects of illness, planning for an active retirement, or eeking out the best of life to the very last, I can help by listening to your needs and desires, providing choices, and simplifying a plan that works naturally and holistically. In the StarterSession, we discuss your health, concerns and goals. I will respond through an email with a few choices on how you could proceed - with diet, lifestyle, herbs or body therapies.Schedule a Check-in Session anytime you want to check-in, tweak your program, or tackle something new. 

 We have access to things that create better health right here in our communities, in our own homes. I start there, even though my experience is based in Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga and ancient health system of India. Here we find an emphasis on affordable, natural, accessible foods, routines, herbs, and body therapies that are all at your disposal for creating the life you want for you and yours.

 Though you can use these principles in tandem with your regular health care providers, the difference lies in ferreting out causes of imbalance, doing simple things to create balance and no longer creating symptoms. 

It's a relief not to have to look outside yourself for answers.  Ayurveda wellness is experiential and based on a long  history of use.  You try it, note the effect, adjust, and feel well.  The idea is to have good health running in the background of your life, so you can spend your time and energy doing the things that give your life meaning and enjoyment, so you can enhance self-awareness and create the world you would love to see.

Wellness Education Workshops

I am happy to share welllness tips with your group. To schedule a workshop, email me at