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Natural Health Counseling and Introduction to Ayurveda
Diet, Lifestyle, Spices & Herbs, Your Uniqueness, Your Current State of Health, Practices to Create Balance

Present-with-Each-Other Listening
Let's get real.  Where are you currently? What needs to heal? What can I offer as tools for you to get on with it? I promise to be as honest as you are.The journey you are embarking on is well worth this process of getting clear, letting go of what doesn't serve you, opening to new possibilities and creating a satisfying life.

Ayurvedic Therapies
Practices for Transformation:
These practices invite melting of mental, emotional or physical impediments to seeing the interconnectedness of everything, the sacredness of life within you and around you, and sharing your unique expression of the life force.

  • Abhyanga
          Warm oil over the full body deeply nourishes and moves stagnate energy for                  assimilation and elimination, resulting in a deep feeling of stability and warmth,            restoring balance and enhancing well-being, especially grounding and relaxing. 
  • Marma Point Therapy
           Marma therapy is based on pressure on 107 points in the body which are                       considered to be access points to body, mind and consciousness - prana.
  • Shirodhara
           Purification and rejuvenation -. warm herbalized oil poured in a continuous thin            stream over the forehead onto the scalp opens the 3rd eye for clarity and vision

  • The Senses  Purifying the five senses with steam and warm ghee, oil or herbs: sight, hearing, taste, touch,  smell. Purifying the organs of our perception, the basis of our experience in life.
  • Localized oil (dough dams and oil) of warming love and attention to the heart, the seat of love and acceptance; the liver, the organ of forgiveness; the lungs, the organs to release grief and take in new life; the low back, our support in life. Addresses pain, drawing out, movement, clearing, lightness
  • Panchakarma - Bring dis-ease back to the digestive tract for elimination of unprocessed food, thought, emotions, experiences. Relight the digestive fire for transformation of nutrition into the light of wisdom, the light of life, the glow of health. Guidance through 1 week at home preparation + 3 days of appropriate bodywork (7 hours). 

Yoga Therapy
Tell me your story and goals.  I'll observe what is happening right now and share movements to address disfunction, misalignment and pain. Included: Anatomy education about how your body really works; photos - bring your phone to take home reminders of our work together.  $65/hour

Private Yoga 
Individualized attention and yoga adapted to your specific concerns.  Ideal for learning strategies to attend to your own needs as you transition into a group class or for deepening your existing practice.

Neurovascular Integration Flow (NVI) Therapy 
Strategies for Coping
Experience your body in a whole new way.  Relax and let your body do the work of realigning itself.  My informed presence communicates safety and support and allows your body to self-correct and rewrite the story you live everyday. Help your body, mind and spirit move with more health and ease.  The brain's sensory processing centers are invited to recalibrate to acknowledge safety. "If you feel safe and loved, your brain becomes specialized in exploration, play and cooperation; if you are frightened or confused, it specializes in managing feelings of fear and confusion." Cathy Holway.

"The limbic system (seat of emotions, monitor of danger, judge of pleasurable or scary, decider of what is important for survival, central command post for coping) is shaped in response to experience, in partnership with an infant's own genetic makeup and inborn temperament. Whatever happens to a baby contributes to the emotional and perceptual map of the world that its developing brain creates."CH

Whether there is confusion in the body presenting as digestive issues, behavioral issues or other expressions of dis-regulation in body or brain, NVI helps in "Sticking the Landing." The process of "Sticking the Landing" happens when what is going on inside us and outside us meet. Then we turn of the stress signals and start getting some good feelings (juice) happening inside and out. Then you hear the "sigh" as muscles lengthen and the body spontaneously corrects.  Our survival circuits say, "It's all good. "It's safe to relax." Plasticity in the brain allows us to change our responses to things that previously felt scary, dangerous, or maladaptive.   "Sticking the landing" is useful for newborns, infants, children, adolescents, and adults.  jAdults and caregivers practicing "Breathe it, feel it, name it" themselves are best suited to invite children and others to reorganize. (Cathy Holway, NVI) See the Word-of-Mouth page for client reports. 30, 60 or 90 minutes appointments.

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Chair Yoga CD 
Practice chair yoga at home with this 70-minute routine.  Available for purchase or download at, amazon, itunes, google play, workshops) presentations, and classes. 

Chair Yoga - Beginning ease in daily movement
Chair Yoga - Beginning ease in daily movement
We'll use both movement from a seated position and standing postures with chair support to explore gentle movement of the joints and muscles designed to build core strength, foster ease of movement, and release tension through the tradition of Yoga linking movement, breath and attention. Join us!