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The Soul of Business ~
"Namaste" is both a greeting and a parting in India and loosely translated means: "The light in me sees the light in you."

I'm interested in responding with a resounding, "Yes," to someone who seeks me out, who wants to be well, who wants to remember that healing is possible, who wants to experience meeting in that space where healing happens.

I offer no gimmicks, no subscriptions, nothing that you don't already know deep in your bones.  I say, "yes" to the gifts that want to flow through me into the world, and "yes" to sharing them with you.  I say "yes" to honoring the life that wants to flow through you into the world.  I say, "Let's do this!"

As fair and balanced relationship is the very basis of human interaction, I seek only that -  as I follow the unfolding of my business, the expression of its soul.

I offer thanks that soul is not a quantifiable resource, that being in the flow of life is available to everyone for the price of asking and following your internal guidance.  If that brings us together, know that I am most alive when sharing experiences with you, and that life is the greatest privilege.

I thank you for sharing your life with me, for supporting the practices of yoga and Ayurveda, for tuning into the body, the mind, the rhythms of nature, and for meeting me in the stream of consciousness.

Om, May we be protected 
May we both be nourished,
May we Work Together with Energy and Vigor,
May our Study be Enlightening, not giving rise to Hostility,
Om, Peace, Peace, Peace.

(Taittiriya Upanishad)