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Pune, India  - Panchakarma with Vasant Lad

Good day in India I (of 8): August 29, 2016

Good day of anatomy and physiology in India and how the body therapies affect different parts of our bodies - i.e., an oil massage would be rejuvenating for conditions arising from excess dryness in food & lifestyle choices.

Conditions like paralysis, sciatica, osteoperosis, tingling, numbness, hair shedding, weakness in muscles around pelvic girdle, hips, thighs, difficulty standing up, ringing ears, cracking joints, hair loss, backache, SI joint & digestive issues, mental agitation. Oil calms down excessive Vata conditions like these with warm, soothing, penetration, as do yoga practices and meditation
Today was my turn to receive Abhyanga, total body oil to move the doshas back to the GI tract and to review the giving of a 2-person full body treatment.  I am beginning to remember the strokes when I have a lead to follow.

Every sunrise there is a fire ceremony, with mantras, checking in with elements: rice symbolizing prana or life energy; fire symbolizing tejas or transformation through metabolic process; ghee symbolizing ojas or vitality. All together the eating, cooking, transformational quality of life; we ingest, digest, absorb, everything we encounter in life and build our bodies, minds, sense of well being and relationships from all those things we take in.

Good food every day here. Today, chipatis with ghee, crepe type things with cilantro coconut chutney, dhal, chai - getting good at not eating with left hand, lifting food with torn pieces of chapati. 

Yesterday, opening day of classes, we celebrated with prasad: offerings, sweets, sweets and more sweets for everyone: Ganesh, the elephant headed deity that removes obstacles and Sarasvati, the goddess, of learning, wisdom, and music.
Tropical, humid, Florida-like here. The school with our dorms, classroom, cafeteria, treatment rooms was built in an empty field 4 years ago. Now houses and businesses have moved in on both sides. I hear a rooster and birds and distant highway traffic out my window. Where are all these drivers going all night long? Yay for earplugs! Honking is used like a blinker signal and there are many funny tunes.

Much of our time will be spent just like today. As I settle in, I will be enmeshed in routine, so I will give you a shout out about anything new and exciting. (daily routine is actually a remedy for dryness, which can be created by travel and excess activity.) The trip here provided meeting up with fellow travelers. The space here is safe and friendly and supportive. This weekend a trip into the city to explore and buy some cotton clothes.
My efforts to set up an on-line space you can check when you wonder what is new hasn't happened yet-still on the list, so I included people on this list who can share with others ( let me know if you want off the list, no hard feelings.) Reaching lots of time zones - my apologies if your phone tweats too late.

Though they are moving into fall here too, I don't imagine it will be as crisp and clear as the one you encounter out your front door.

Best to you all,