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In Pain?
Are you in physical, mental, emotional or spiritual pain? 

This can often be the result of surprise or shock when something happens that shows us there is a gap - a gap between what we have always thought and what is actually happening.

The symptoms of this pain can be experienced in your body, your mind and your soul: inflexibility, stiffness, immobility, inflammation, cracking, swelling, constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating, burning, grief, lethargy, depression, anxiety, addictive behavior (numbing out with substances- prescribed or other- including TV or food or exercise), insecurity, fear, distrust, anger, frustration, violence directed toward the self or others, self-centeredness rather than self-nourishment and generosity. 

WHAT IS THE GAP?  The gap is what you fall into when you are not ready to accept that what is happening is different than what was expected.  The symptoms of this pain distract us from claiming power and rediscovered knowing that can bridge that gap and engage with life in novel, often unexpected, ways that allow us to contribute uniquely to the world, resulting in joy, connection and wholeness.

To Bridge The Gap consider:
1. Who did you think you were or were supposed to be? 
What have you learned about who you really are? 

2. What did you think life was going to be like or was supposed to be? 
What have you learned about what life is really like? 

3. Knowing what you know about yourself and life now, what really matters to you?

4. Are you willing to do something differently in order to create a life focused on what really matters to you? Resistance or "no," sounds like, "I can't," "That won't work," "You .....!"

5. Are you willing to claim your power? Blaming outside circumstances or other people for our symptoms of being in the gap projects feelings about ourselves outward, denying or own power, fighting our own freedom and our free will.  Our free will is ever present within the matrix of things we can't control: our ancestry, our genetic make-up, our world, nature, the consequences of our past actions (karma.)  We create our new life (karma) from each fresh moment to the next.

5.  Are you ready to learn tools to ride the wave of life with its exuberant joys and bittersweet valleys? Are you ready to trade in resistance for resilience?  Are you ready to jump into the flow of life and allow yourself to feel again, so you can feel love and connect to your own expression of the life force and that of others, so you can feel alive?

6. Are you committed to courageous compassionate honesty with yourself and others?

The symptoms of pain present opportunity for personal growth. We do not like what the world or our bodies or our minds are reflecting back to us about how we view and treat ourselves.  We get angry because we feel hurt by these reflections.  We project the anger out or we turn it in towards ourselves as depression or self-abuse.  The hurt we feel is that we perceive ourselves as someone separate from others, capable of being hurt/threatened/abused.  We are actually angry at ourselves for not projecting our beauty and grace and divine nature, deserving of respect and acceptance and love. The growth comes when we are done with the old ways and ready to embrace ourselves as we are, beautiful in our imperfection, perfect in our shared humanity, ready to share ourselves/love/compassion with others and the world.

I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the gentlest, most on-point service in the industry of self-care and healing leading to personal transformation and transcendence of personal limitations to heart-centered living and opening to new possibilities. I use the tools of meditation/training the mind, yoga, diet, lifestyle, body therapies, color therapy, gem therapy, touch therapy, journaling and reading, and walking.  These methods have worked for me and my teachers and my students and my clients and people all over the world and throughout the ages. I have no doubt that you can create a life focused on what truly matters to you. I know you matter. Your presence changes anything with which you come into contact.  I know your journey up to this point is leading you to live out your dharma of expansion in this lifetime, in this world, during this time.  I feel privileged to refer you to healthcare professionals who can meet needs that I cannot.  I feel honored to be with you.