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How Healing Happens

It is just as important to know how your body feels as it is to know what your mind thinks.  Our work together provides new ways for you to process information.

I help support the body's natural healing tendency and all of it can be used in conjunction with prescribed medications, in consultation with your physicians.

Healing happens when you are present with whatever is happening within you and around you and with whomever you find yourself in the unfolding moment of life. Our heart-centered responses from this place lead to small actions that feel satisfying. When we notice and celebrate living in a deeply satisfying way,  we begin to get curious and create new experiences that feel satisfying, a life that is rich and deep, freeing and exciting.

Ayurvedic body therapies, yoga, neurovascular integration, meditation and fresh food are all ways to feel what it is like to be present in the unfolding moment.  When you become familiar with that feeling (clarity in both mind and body, lightness, spaciousness, joyfulness, curiosity, inner listening, warm-heartedness) you can begin to access that in your everyday life.  When you fill your life with this way of being, old patterns and habits of body and mind begin to recede.  This feels exciting, like freedom, enjoyment of life, and wonder at what may be possible.

I help people with:

What Now?: to move forward knowing you are in the human condition of ambiguity, all possibilities.  Perhaps you've had an experience bringing you face-to-face with how fragile life is, how unpredictable, how fleeting, how precious. How does one live knowing that we are all going to die? Becoming familiar with what being in the present moment feels like is the only way through this ambiguity.  There is no past, no future, just whatever, whoever is in the unfolding moment which is ever fresh and satisfying.  From here you begin to enjoy life and create new experiences. Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation introduce you to the fresh moment where all of life happens.

Pain: to address chronic or post-operative/post-accident conditions. Easing into gentle relationship with the body through subtle awareness, movement or therapies may create better energy flow, reduce friction through improved alignment of bones and joints, and create circulation diminishing inflammation. 

Rehabilitation: to provide gentle options for reintroduction to movement and engagement in life after accident, career, illness, loss, traumatic stress and surgery, 

Balance: to promote balanced strength in muscles, ease of movement, and impact the brain's capacity to sense uprightness and spatial relationship to the environment, Vertigo.

Metabolism: to turn food into energy and healthy cells and tissues and to address absorption, optimal weight and functioning and clear thinking. 

Stress:  for being the quiet in the storm, navigating through life.  Learning what our bodies tell us, what nourishes us, what helps us feel in balance so that we can be more resilient.

Addictive Tendencies:  to influence the neurochemistry, hormonal balance, reducing the need to seek endorphin pleasure from outside sources such as food or other substances. Habits, mental attitudes and emotional reactions often shift.  

Anxiety: to unwind areas of held tension signaling the central nervous system that all is well resulting in freedom of breath, ease of movement and calmer mind.

Digestion & Elimination: to assimilate food, have daily elimination of waste products, a feeling of lightness, well-being, satisfaction and clear-headedness.

Disability: to thrive no matter how the body you are living in functions. Life presents uniquely in each of our human forms and that is cause for celebration!

Purpose:   to reconnect us to our inner compass, our desires, our passions, our life force.  Aligning with this flow sets the stage for creating the grand design of your most beautiful life. 

Fatigue: to address depletion and provide tools to avoid burn out. 

Pregnancy & Childbirth:  to help prepare the whole family for a joyous arrival and calmer transition into relationship.

Grief: to transform pain into loving compassion for oneself, others and the world - releasing lingering emotions or experiences in the heart center, the organs, the mind, and the body's connective tissue.

Spirituality:  to connect with one's authentic nature and something greater than oneself.  This can mean an infinite number of things including a yoga community, nature, science, any religion, the world, our planet, and expanding realms of consciousness awareness and intuition. As our life is here, now, on this earth, embodying the spiritual is paramount.

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