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Body Therapies for your healing:

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How Healing Happens
  • Naturally
  • Within
  • Below the level of the mind

Ayurvedic body therapies, yoga, meditation and fresh food are all ways to notice and celebrate living in a deeply satisfying way. 

When you become familiar with that feeling, you begin to access that in everyday life.

Old patterns and habits of body and mind begin to recede, and new possibilities emerge.

I help people with:

What Now?: to move forward. 

Pain: to address the experience of sensations. 

Rehabilitation: to gently move and re-engage with life.

Balance: to strengthen, center, and relate to environment. 

Metabolism: to fuel the body and mind effectively.

Stress: to notice what bodies tell us and create resiliency.

Addictive Tendencies: to address the need to seek relief from outside sources.

Anxiety: to unwind tension & signal the central nervous system that all is well.

Digestion & Elimination: to assimilate & eliminate.

Disability: to thrive no matter how the body functions. 

Purpose: to reconnect to the inner compass.

Fatigue: to understand energy flow.

Pregnancy & Childbirth: to prepare the whole family.

Grief: to move lingering emotions or experiences into flow.

Spirituality:  to connect with authentic nature.