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Body Therapies for you & yours:
Body therapies invite deep relaxation and set the stage for movement toward physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through gentle transformational experiences. E-mail to schedule. 

Body Therapies I offer:

Neurovascular Integration
60 minutes $90.
30 minutes $50.

NVI is a form of cranial-sacral work. Holding safe space with my hands and starting at the feet, moving up the body to the ankles, knees, hips, tailbone, low back, diaphragm, shoulders, head, neck and face and then moving back down the body. Bringing your attention to these areas allows your body to realign itself both physically and energetically, landing in the space where the world feels like a safe place. NVI is done clothed, on a massage table or seated in a chair, or in a football hold for infants. I am happy to teach this to parents, so they can work with their children.

Marma Therapy
60 minutes $90.
Facial 30 minutes $50.
Marma is an ancient Indian body therapy. I use my fingers to provide pressure to points on the body, clearing stagnation along the lines of energy moving through the body. This creates both relaxation and rejuvenation and supports moving forward with ease and creativity.

Abhyanga 70 minutes $125.

Abhyanga is an ancient Indian relaxation health practice. I apply medicated oil in long strokes over the long bones and in circular strokes over the joints. The oil penetrates, soothes, loosens toxins and returns the body to a healthy balance.

Mothers in India perform daily Abhyanga on their babies for health, strength, and optimal development. Adults seek out Abhyanga when they are preparing for pregnancy as a way to ensure optimum conditions for fertilization.  They also receive Abhyanga at the change of seasons as a form of preventative health and throughout the year to restore balance when imbalances move towards creating disease. I am happy to teach self-Abhyanga or infant Abhyanga for parents to use with their children.

Injury or chronic pain localized oil Basti
60 minutes $90.
3 sessions $240.

I am happy to shine a light on a specific condition for healing with oil bastis. I do this for knees, necks, low back, mid back, hurting hearts, and organs that need TLC.

 I prepare a ring of dough made with chickpea flour and whole wheat flour. I use warm water to apply this ring around the affected area. I pour warm medicated oil into the ring and let it penetrate the area for 30 minutes. This allows soothing of inflammation, loosening of toxins and old patterns, creating healthy circulation, flow, and greater ease in these areas.  Bastis are optimally effective with repeated sessions within days or weeks of one another. 

Shirodhara 60 minutes $125. 

Shirodhara is an ancient Indian body treatment for mental clarity, emotional balance, and tapping into your intuition. I position a Shiordhara pot over your 3rd eye in the middle of your forehead.  A controlled tap allows a warm steady stream of medicated oil to pour over your forehead and down your hair into another pot. Relaxing and soothing the mind creates room for new choices and living well.