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Holiday Schedule: Classes begins again January 3. 

Yoga & Ayurveda
 with Kathy McAlister

Yoga Classes

Mondays at the Eau Claire Senior Center
1:00-2:00pm, Chair Yoga, $5 drop-in
Feel the life-force moving through you, build strength & balance, release tension, create health as a springboard to full engagement in life.  Poses are seated & standing with chair for balance, meditation for the body, mind & soul.

9:15 to 10:15am, Yoga for Spiritual Transformation, $10, to register and pay on-line, click this link, "Classes," and the date.

Sanctuary for the soul, mindful movement for the body, and focused attention for the mind. Relaxing into our true nature, creating personal strength brings forth love and compassion. Gentle, intelligent yoga to support your personal transformation.

Natural Health
Ayurveda (sister science of yoga)

Clean living made simple
Nourish yourself.
Create your body & life.
Eliminate the non-nourishing.

Body Therapies to address physical/mental/spiritual pain or stuckness, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Food Facts, Herbal Guidance, Natural Rhythms Attunement, Guided Cleanses, Spiritual Ritual. Practice tuning in to the zone, the zone of meditation/prayer/self-healing/creativity/oneness.
It's quiet and spacious and calm and light.
It's your birthright and free and accessible.

Experiential & personally tailored: the art and science of living well and preventatively addressing health concerns. Explore techniques that honor how the body really works, become the master of your mind, claim freedom to live as the true you. 

Fee based on type of appointment. ($50-$125)

Wednesdays            7:00 to   3:00

Fridays                     7:00 to   3:00

Saturdays                 9:00 to 12:00

Neurovascular Integration Flow Therapy

Gentle awareness brought to points in your body allows   self-recalibration and renewed energy flow. Science sees this as moving from the up-regulated survival mode of the central nervous system and into parasympathetic belly, breath and heartbeat. We move from self-awareness to sensory regulation to communication and connection to the external world.


Payment gratefully accepted in the forms of:                     cash or check; Paypal online;                                               Square: Applepay, Android phone, credit cards

Workshops and Life Education Classes

Creating a beautiful life and a heart-centered world is simple, elegant and natural with Ayurveda & Yoga.  Learn how you can open to new possibilities. Contact me to book for your group.

I  offer 3 modules regarding natural health (Ayurveda):

1. One Natural Health: So Easy with Ayurveda (The Science of Life & Longevity)
We are one as humans and yet so individual with our needs and gifts.  Reveal your natural constitution as compared to your current state of how you are navigating in the world.  I'll guide you through a self-discovery quiz and share techniques for creating balance, more energy, and resilience. The basics of Ayurveda introduce one technique that works in all areas of your life: linking up with natural rhythms, diet and lifestyle to support creating a beautiful life.  Suitable for those wanting to practice preventative self-care, those with health issues, and those ready for new possibilities in life. Receive a take-away that you can try at home.

2. One Food Authority  - You!: So Easy with Ayurveda (The Science of Life & Longevity)
Playing the game of life can be so much fun!  Let's take all the work out of trying to figure out which advise to follow and get into the game.  We'll be sorting food into different categories, sampling foods with different tastes - beginning to understand food as it relates to unique individual needs.

3. One Self-Care: So Easy with Ayurveda (The Science of Life & Longevity)
Experience self-care therapies you can practice at home. Techniques include essential oils, herbal oils, and energy points used to clear stagnation in your body and mind, so you can live full on and contribute your unique gifts to the world.

Yoga Teacher Trainings with Kathy McAlister
Teaching Chair Yoga (3 CE's)
Learn how to make the fundamentals of poses accessible to all.  Experience a chair yoga class, adapt poses, create strength, balance and ease of movement in your classes. Health is a prerequisite for living fully. Longevity gives one the opportunity to experience all the gifts of life.